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It's been nearly 60 years since our company's founding.
Yet for all the changes those years have brought, one thing has always remained constant. Geskus Photography has been - is still - and will continue to be the industry leader when it comes to school portraits, yearbooks, and sports photography. We have a deep commitment to be the best that we can be. 

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Comprehensive Service

GPI's comprehensive service includes school portraits, sports photography, yearbooks, groups, composites and more! We take care of all your needs - making it easier for you.

Affordable Prices

GPI delivers the highest quality products without the premium price. Multiple economically priced package options ensure there is something for every budget.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you will love all GPI has to offer, but if for any reason you don't, let us know and we will make it right.


Proudly Serving Over 900 Schools

GPI is proudly serving over 900 schools in the Midwest. Geskus has been - is still - and will continue to be the industry leader among school photography companies.

Family Owned & Operated

GPI is a family owned business based out of Grand Rapids, serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa in the school and yearbook photography industry. 


Portrait Booklets

GPI's unique portrait booklet allows any additional prints to be kept safely together until needed again. You can also find ordering information here should you ever need more pictures.

Fall Picture Package Options

For more information about our Fall Picture Program, including background options and online exclusives, visit Our Services page.

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