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Capture memories of each school year with our yearbook program. We specialize in Elementary and Middle School yearbooks. We offer fun an exciting yearbook covers or you can design your own. Geskus will take your yearbook pictures for you, or you can do you own; whatever you choose, our yearbook program is designed to fit your needs. 

If your school needs help with your yearbook, contact us today or visit our School Portal Yearbook Page

See some of our Custom Cover options below!

May 1st Deadline

No need to rush and miss exciting events - GPI waits until you're ready

Cover Options

Choose from Soft Cover, Hard Cover or Perfect Bound for your Yearbook.

Candid Photos

Submit your own candid photos from throughout the year or request a GPI photographer to take photos of your teams, sports, clubs, etc.


You may choose to layout your own yearbook, or use GPI layout for no additional charge. 

Geskus photography yearbook program


  • Accessible from anywhere

  • True multi-user

  • Candid submission made easy

  • Add text, graphics & clipart

  • Choose or create your own themed pages

  • Full book Preview

Geskus photography yearbook program
Geskus photography yearbook program
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